What We Do

We have endeavoured to find those services that are not provided to the public with ease and we have challenged ourselves  to bring them to our customers with slice of ease. Our main core service have always been influencer management and social media marketing . From these two we have built our empire to in one that now organises and markets events all the way down to the Music Production. Stay tuned and go through our services and select any that please you.


Influencer Management

Through our expert skills we have developed  influencer strategies , through  more than year of constant refinement  testing and trailing.



Through our elite, social media interactions with business we have fostered powerful marketing strategies to allow your business grow fully.


With a large Audience it is very easy for us to collaborate with different events and grow their viewership/attendance.



With a well known brand comes merchandise. We have a wide variety of Merch for you. Check our store.


Artist Management

With tech growing we are getting more artists coming to the industry and nochill is planning to capitalise at managing them.



Music production is our next step @ Nochill, with along standing love for music along side our social media presence we  plan to bring the next best hits.

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